Thank You!

Thanks for such a fantastic season

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for such an amazing second season! We hope you’ve had as much as we have.

To our Season 2 sponsor, Jeffrey Klinner, our heartfelt gratitude for believing in us and your willingness to put not only your support, but your name out there to show that support.

We’ve not only had the joy of singing and dancing (sort of) on stage, but we’ve gotten to share that stage with some fine talent – The Birmingham Sugar Babies, Heather Batey, and Chris Griffin in our Holiday show, Tam Debolt for our Spring show, and Caprenia Anthony to help us celebrate Pride. Along with some incredible musicians.

Among our many donors we are especially grateful to the churches who have freely provided us with space to rehearse for this season – St. Thomas Episcopal Church, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, and Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church. Food for our receptions has been provided by Tommy Barrows and Pell City Coffee Company and Marco Morosini and Silvertron Cafe. Decorations from Jon Martinez and Bloom. Photography by Matthew Ponder (Egression Photography), Eli Borges (Cubster Photography), Joe Estrada, and Mark DuPont. And the list goes on. Thank you!